About Us


Thanks for your interest in knowing a little about us.

We, ICTQuotes, are a lead generation company. We connect buyers with the best of the service providers. We make it possible for the buyers to get their business requirements fulfilled without getting their time wasted. We create a platform for the suppliers to get in touch with those who are looking for the best of the IT and Business services.

We are truly like a search engine where the buyers can have the chance to post their requirements for free. You, as a buyer, do not have to waste your time in looking for the right service providers. You even do not have to pay us anything for our services. We are a resource for those who do not know much of the market rates when they think of taking IT Services / Business Development Services such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Business Insurance, Accounting Services, Web Development, Web Designing, E-commerce, BPO Services, HR Services, Debt Collections, Payroll Services, Printing Services and Life Insurance Services. You can simply post your requirements on our website and  can relax, leaving everything to us.

ICTQuotes worked for buyers who are looking for efficient services.

We have been providing timely help to buyers who are looking for reliable service providers. We take great care when we look for the professionals who can fulfill your requirements. We always prescreen your requirements and based on them we look for the right service providers.

ICTQuotes help suppliers receive genuine leads.

Service provider who would like to register with us as our vendor needs to be certified. We even take necessary steps from time to time to perform verification as well. Becoming our vendor, you can be very much certain of receiving true leads from us. We even provide proof of verification on request just to make it confirm that the leads we are sending are not fake. Before sending any lead to our suppliers we fully verify everything. We send one lead to only four vendors so there will be no tougher competition and the chances to gain business projects will be more.

ICTQuotes believes in interlinking the best of the business service lookers with the best of service providers in their respective industry.